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Supervisory Skills Program (Dale Carnegie)

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October 6 - 7, 2020 (8:00 am - 4:00 pm)    |    NEPPA Training Center (Littleton, MA)



Under guidance from federal, state, and local authorities, NEPPA has reopened its Headquarters/Training Center.  In-house and @Your-Site Training is being held and scheduled in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines. 



All visitors, staff and trainers must follow the established practices and protocols to ensure the safety, health and well-being of the NEPPA community. 

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For authorization to enter the Training Center, all visitors must complete this Health Screening Form.




NEPPA has partnered with Dale Carnegie Training to bring their high caliber supervisory and leadership training in-house.  


Dale Carnegie trainers take participants through the Cycle of Performance Change process to create an environment that allows transformation to happen.  


In every Dale Carnegie program, participants are constantly reflecting on how utilizing the skill or tool would positively impact themselves and their organization as well. From the very beginning, participants are encouraged to identify the changes they desire and, more specifically, the behaviors they are seeking to change or improve. They are then asked to imagine the specific results they will achieve because of these new behaviors.


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Who Should Attend


This program is designed for anyone interested in building their leadership skills and capacities including:

  • General Managers
  • Directors
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Rising Leaders


Course Overview

Dale Carnegie's unique design and delivery framework focuses on transformational perfomance changes in individuals and organizations by focusing on five key components: Input, Awareness, Experience, Sustainment and Output. 


This customized program covers the following modules/disciplines:


Motivational Leadership

How can leaders mold a work environment into an inspirational think tank? Stimulating your team to grow on an individual level demonstrably increases morale and productivity as a whole. Using Dale Carnegie’s famous principles as your own motivational tool belt will help you develop the textbook environment for your team to create, participate, and repeat.


Completion of this module empowers participants to:

      • Recognize the leader’s role as a motivator
      • Develop greater awareness of drivers that motive individuals
      • Recognize the relationship between expectations and motivation
      • Align individual motivators with organizational goals


Coaching for Performance Improvement

In order to improve someone’s performance, you have to first establish a goal. With a clear target to reach, a leader can properly evaluate both individual and team performance and guide them, more efficiently, to the finish line. By holding team members accountable and encouraging them along the way, a great coach keeps them motivated and open to opportunities for growth.


Completion of this module empowers participants to:

      • Describe the Cycle of Growth and Change and how it relates to training and development
      • Apply the steps of the Coaching Process to improve performance in others
      • Establish individual and team performance goals
      • Identify additional opportunities to develop people to become their best self


Team Problem Solving & Decision Making

This module provides the disciplined approach that teams need to problem solve and make sound decisions. Teams learn to use proven methods for gathering and analyzing information, tools for creative and critical thinking, and diagrams to make decisions that can be implemented through specific action steps. Using a systematic approach takes the guesswork out of key work processes, leading to measurable results for the overall organization.


Completion of this module empowers participants to:

      • Facilitate a “Meeting of the Minds” using a proven model for team problem solving
      • Identify root problems using the Interrelationship Graph
      • Generate feasible solutions using creative and critical thinking
      • Make decisions that gain commitment to achieve the best business outcomes



Develop your team members to accept additional responsibilities without losing sight of the central leadership responsibility-- the bottom line!


Completion of this module empowers participants to:

      • Delegate tasks and responsibilities to develop others and optimize outcomes
      • Plan and prepare for a delegation discussion
      • Communicate clear performance standards for follow-up and accountability
      • Understand and apply the Delegation


Managing Across Generations

Each generation brings a unique set of talents to the table. When a leader encourages team members to bridge the generations, embrace their differences, and connect with one another, the result is a cohesive unit that prospers and accomplishes any task they are given. Managing across generations is an essential key in creating a team that puts ideas into actions.


Learn how to bridge the generation gap and tap into the unique pool of talents that people of all ages bring to the workplace. Generational differences can become a catalyst for enhancing productivity and creating a dynamic, vibrant workforce that highlights timeless solutions for respecting and valuing everyone’s perspective.


Completion of this module empowers participants to:

      • Appreciate the benefits of diverse generations working together
      • Provide constructive feedback that resonates with specific generations
      • Coach different generations to reach their full potential
      • Capitalize on the skills and strengths of each


Time Management

No matter how hard you try, you can’t make more time. You simply have to make better use of the time you have. The key is to invest your time in the most productive way that will yield the best results.

Completion of this module empowers participants to:

      • Understand how their time is spent
      • Overcome time management obstacles and work more efficiently
      • Apply tools to plan, organize and manage their time
      • Leverage time and increase productivity, working smarter, not harder




Registration fees include coffee, breaks and lunch each day.  Lodging is not included.  


Registration fees are as follows:


Members: $950

Non-Members: $1,650



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Cancellations are accepted until Tuesday, September 15, 2020.  Substitutions may be made at any time.




Marty Robinson HeadshotMarty Robinson CTC, CPC, Senior Trainer, Boston, MA


Ms. Robinson has over twenty-five years of experience as a certified trainer and coach with Dale Carnegie Training. She is a multi-course trainer. Her focus areas are presentation skills, leadership development, communication, customer service, and employee engagement.


Client Experience

She engages with clients in various fields including pharmaceutical, finance and investment, defense, engineering, communications, retail, manufacturing, travel and the US government. Over the course of her twenty plus years she has been rated as one of Dale Carnegie’s top trainers through evaluation by the customers she works with. Ms. Robinson’s flexibility, focus on the results of the customer and capabilities as a coach have earned her these accolades.


Ms. Robinson is an expert in generational issues affecting the workplace and has done independent research on Gen X workplace concerns.  She conducts seminars for business and associations on various aspects of generational impact on the work and marketplace, retention issues, and other human capital concerns. She has experience in living and working effectively with other cultures.


Ms. Robinson was the founder of Travel Career Network Ltd., Boston, MA where she oversaw both temporary and permanent placement work in the travel space. She currently lives overseas part of the year, is conversational in Spanish, and holds a TEFL certificate.


Education and Credentials

BS in Education, University of Kansas

MM, Masters in Management focus in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Cambridge College

CTC, Certified Travel Counselor

CPC, Certified Personnel Consultant










Please contact or call the office at (978) 540-2200.


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